We Moved!

dark gray exterior

Nearly two months ago, we packed up our small home of five years, handed our keys over, and after a dozen signatures, sold our home. Before we put our old house on the market, we already knew the next house we’d be buying (spoiler: it’s my childhood home!) We accepted an offer two weeks after our house was on the market, so the whole process only took a little over a month. After moving into our new place we were excited, of course, but it was also a little surreal since everything moved so quickly. It was a bit tough saying goodbye to our little home that held so many memories. Despite all the work that is ahead of us, we love the extra space our new house provides. After living for so long with our bed in the living room, having our own bedroom was a welcomed change. We also have a beautiful backyard we are in love with and we are in a great neighborhood, things that we couldn’t change in our last house. Our new place has a lot of potential and we’re looking forward to the process of turning our house into a home. (Did you catch what I did there?) For sneak peaks of our new place, follow along on Instagram.

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