One Corner Down, Twenty More To Go

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We’ve been living at our new house for over two months and the majority of our belongings are still in boxes. There are sealed moving boxes in just about every room in the house and even more are being stored in my mother’s garage (thanks, mom!). Despite the state of the rest of the house, I’ll ignore all of that to show you the best looking corner in this place instead. Since we gained so much space moving into this home, we knew we wanted a legitimate desk. Most desks were either not very nice looking or way too pricey, but we eventually landed on this one from Target. At first I wasn’t a fan of the weathered oak but it’s growing on me now, especially since those beautiful legs make up for any indifference. Finding a legitimate office chair at the right price proved to be a challenge until a friend gave us a vintage rolling chair she had in storage. I have something up my sleeve for restoring it which may involve some vintage casters I have on hand. The desk lamp (also from Target) is the cherry on top. This corner is basically taking the lead and I’m hoping the rest of the place will magically follow suit.

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