Paint Decisions

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Choosing paint colors was on the top of my priority list for our new place, so as soon as we moved in, I got straight to work painting multiple samples on every wall. After weeks of deliberating (this one is too beige, but this one is too blue!), we settled on two paint colors for our house; White Moderne by Behr for the living areas and Distant Gray by Benjamin Moore for the bedrooms. We purchased the paint by five gallon buckets at Home Depot during a Labor Day promotion and made it a goal to paint the living areas before our housewarming party.

white paint colors, light gray paint, swatches

Since this is old news you can see the new paint color in this post and this post. It’s the same color in both rooms even though it looks completely darker in our desk area. We decided not to waste any paint in the kitchen since we will hopefully be gutting it soon (more on that later). We also haven’t gotten to painting the bedrooms or bathrooms but maybe we will manage to motivate ourselves to work around the clutter of boxes and miscellaneous furniture soon. However, motivation seems to be in short supply as neither of us particularly enjoys painting. Even though the results of painting achieve awesome results for little effort, it’s just not effort we prefer taking. Oy. Is anyone else the same way with painting, particularly the clean-up part?

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