Rhythms and Routines

The other day, Isabelle said to me, “Do you remember at our old house when we used to play on your big bed for all of the days? I miss that.” She’s asked about the old house several times, wondering when we’ll move back. We miss it, not for the backyard, or the neighborhood, or the bed in the living room (rather, the front door in the bedroom?). We miss itĀ for the memories and mainly because we haven’t found our rhythm here. I’ve come to understand the value of rhythms and routines since raising littles, especially more now that we homeschool. Even though we moved over six months ago, it still feels like we’re moving.

I want to strive to find our rhythm again. That means taking steps like meal planning (and actually using my weekly planner), pushing through that last bit of daily school work, cleaning consistently, and developing a routine. Rhythm allows for the flexibility to enjoy spontaneous activities, like a trip to a park or stopping by an estate sale, the things we used to do before we got caught up in packing and moving and more packing.

I’ve talked about it before and I’m feeling it again, the tantalizing paralysis of progress. The waiting. The stalling. The lack of any visual progression. I’m more eager to make progress now than before, especially since I’m stocked up on a month’s worth of rest. I’m eager to get up and going and build a home that works for my family, a home that functions as it should so we can spend more time together and less time finding the pencil sharpener or figuring out what’s for dinner.

I’m sharing this here to inspire motivation, in myself and perhaps in you. I don’t know what the future holds but I hope it holds a lot more shelves and order and function in this place we call home.

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