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Earlier this week, x-rays revealed that my fifth metatarsal bone is still broken, albeit more than 50% healed, but broken nonetheless. With the household mom out of commission – that’d be me – my husband has been picking up all of my typical responsibilities as well as managing his own. Grocery shopping, dinner making, child bathing, and household cleaning have all been impossible for me to accomplish. Our children have been helping with certain tasks and I assist where I can, mainly by making use of my loud mouth and instructing the younger ones to “get in your pajamas!

Needless to say our home is in serious need of a deep cleaning, especially the floors. Mopping is one of those things that gets swept under the rug when there are forty other tasks to be done. Thankfully we have eager little helpers that appreciate a good working mop. Our daughter Eliana has especially been animate about cleaning lately, so I took advantage of her willingness and gave her the responsibility of cleaning the floors. At first she put to use a cleaning set I made her for Christmas (with my dad’s help, of course) but was pretty excited when I handed her our Bona mop and spray to clean my bedroom floors all by herself.

Bona Powerplus mop

I’ve been using Bona for years, first when helping my mother clean her house – which was actually this house – and eventually purchased my own when we installed laminate flooring in our previous house. Last week Bona reached out to see if I’d like to share their new cleaning line, Bona Powerplus. Because I’m already an avid user of their product and our floors were in need of a deep clean, I obviously said yes.

Bona Powerplus mop

There are multiple reasons why the Bona Powerplus differs from regular Bona, which you can read about on their site. My favorite is the abrasive loops, called PowerLoops, which are in between layers of dirt-lifting microfiber on the Deep Cleaning mop pad. The lightly abrasive PowerLoop comes in handy to aid in lifting stubborn dirt from floors. It’s a winning combination when paired with the Bona PowerPlus Deep Cleaning spray.

Bona Powerplus mop

Little things tend to make a big difference, like waking up to a clean bedroom floor and piles of clean laundry. Waking up in a legitimate bedroom with a door makes a big difference, as well.

bedroom dresser styling

So far we haven’t done much to this room, we’ve only installed a curtain to hide our closet and attempted to install shelves that resulted in the broken foot. Our plans for the room are to paint it white, replace the blinds, add a cozy rug, and maybe enclose the walk-in closet with a pocket door. A legitimate bed frame would be an appreciated bonus. For now, though, we’re happy with the clean floors, a cozy bed to sleep in, and a door that closes.

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What’s your cleaning routine? Do you have little ones that help around the house or do you prefer to handle it on your own? Let me know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out the benefits of Bona PowerPlus and grab a $3 off coupon while you’re at it (you know I did).

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  1. Jere says: Reply

    I love my Bona. You have a cute little helper. I actually like cleaning my floors so I do this by myself. Oh, I usually am having wine while I clean, that why I like cleaning my floors.

    1. That’s a clever method to better enjoy cleaning!

    2. Emily says: Reply

      A glass of wine, plus some nice music equals perfectly clean floor 🙂

  2. Adam says: Reply

    Looks like the little princess is helping with the cleaning… So cute!

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