Healing + Nearly Walking

lomography film photograph diana
lomography film photograph

On Wednesday, I received word that my broken bone is healed and got the green light from my doctor to begin walking with supportive shoes. (I suppose flip flops are out of the equation?) The first thing I did that night was mopyou think I’m kidding! My doctor emphasized to stay on level ground for the time being, so step ladders are still off-limits. The recovery process will be a slow one but it’s a step in the right direction. I’m eager to start moving normally again and begin getting back to making progress on our home, even if I can’t hang more shelves for the time being.

I started this blog back up when we moved to share the perceived progress we would be making. That progress hasn’t been as quick going as I imagined but will hopefully come in time. Until then, I will be taking things one slow step at a step – quite literally.

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  1. Monica says: Reply

    Oh 🙁 Wish you all the best! And moping…. really? :))) Go for a nice walk instead 🙂

  2. Lovely picture 🙂

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