This space has been more of personal recovery diary than a renovation journal. It’s a bit to be expected, as there has been a lack of blog fodder lately due to various issues that have arisen. I’m finally mobile again after breaking my foot, although it will take me a while to get back to where I was before mobility-wise. There has been some improvements on the home-side of things, but nothing interesting or pretty enough to deserve its own spotlight. For instance, we completed the process of replacing most of our old aluminum windows with double pane windows. We received a good deal on them but unfortunately they are tricky to open and close. Regardless, we’re looking forward to the savings we’ll experience during the hot summer months. We ordered double cell honeycomb blinds back in December and I just managed to install the last of them this week. We still need to order blinds for the bedrooms, after we decide on whether to stick with light-filtering shades or go for black old shades. Another task on my to-do list is to frame out the windows and paint the bedrooms. I’m even considering paint colors to repaint the living areas.

Entry Coat Rack

Speaking of living areas, we’re still up in the air about which big renovation project to start first. The last time I spoke about it, we were pretty sure we would be doing the bathroom/laundry room/living room first, but now we’re leaning towards knocking down a pointless wall in our kitchen and taking that renovation slow. I’m driving myself crazy with all of these decisions. As eager as we are to start (seriously, give me a sledgehammer stat), we want to be sure of the process since apparently money doesn’t really grow on trees.

In other news, we’ve had a cat for almost a month. She remains nameless but we’re getting close. I spend some days devising ideas to deal with the pet hair and odor (any advice?!) and have had some weak moments of regret for adopting a pet. Overall she’s a sweet addition to our family and we are all fond of her, although she may not feel the same about Pip.

I’ll be sharing updates to our home as they come, which most likely won’t be happening as quickly as any given HGTV show. These days, I’m more often posting little updates that are lacking pretty photos on my Instagram stories, you can follow along here.

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    I am a young mother and I spend a lot of time in my home with my baby. All day I think how to make home improvements because I need more free space. Thanks for sharing this article, I need new ideas 🙂 Kisses Cath

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