The Backyard Shed: Inspiration

With so many items on our Home To-Do list, it’s been hard to settle on a big project. We first had our sights set on our kitchen which was quickly halted. We then turned our vision to the living room and beige bathroom but that was held up due to my broken foot. Now, as strange as it may seem, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on building a new storage shed/backyard workshop. When my husband presented the idea, I wasn’t fully on board. Wouldn’t a kitchen remodel make more sense right now? At least can we paint the exterior of the house? Eventually, I could see the logic behind building a shed big enough to store the boxes and large items that are still floating around (and cluttering up) our home. Having a dedicated space to carve spoons isn’t too bad, either.

We have already demolished the old shed (everything that was once in it is being stored in our pool patio – which is a sore sight) and are working on digging the footers and pouring the slab. I’ve been keeping myself occupied gathering inspiration for my dream backyard shed and I’ve popped in to share my inspiration with you.





Some big items on our must-have list are deep shelves for long-term storage, room for the lawn mower to be kept away, adequate room for a work table and my bandsaw, windows for light, and electricity. Of course I want it to be attractive and well organized. I obviously have black in mind for the exterior and I want to paint the interior walls white to then later cover with shelves. Outside of the shed we want to build raised garden beds for a vegetable garden and a play area for the children.

I have unrealistic expectations about how long it will actually take to build this thing (we’re building it ourselves with the help of my dad), but I’m hoping it will be completed in a month. In the meantime, make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep an eye out for progress reports through Instagram Stories.

Until next time!

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  1. Trish says: Reply

    Do you read the Manhattan nest blog? He has a black garage!

    1. I’ll have to check it out!

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