The Backyard Shed: Actual, Real Life Progress

Last week the concrete foundation was poured for the backyard shed and for the first time we could actually see signs of the project we had been planning (and working on) for months. Around the same time, my uncle relayed to us that he had a set of old wood casement windows he is removing from a house he is remodeling. You guys, these windows are perfect. I’m hoping they’ll stay as perfect after they are removed and am trying with all my might not to worry like a parent worries on their child’s first day of kindergarten.

This past Tuesday and Wednesday was devoted to ordering our lumber and supplies through Home Depot. There was a hiccup in the design which is why this process required two trips to Home Depot which each spanned a couple of hours. My children are now treating that place as an indoor playground. We’ve experienced a plethora of events including a game of child-prompted hide-and-seek, racing down the lumber aisle, and a potty training accident in the electrical aisle – no big deal.

Needless to say, I’m relieved that the lumber is actually here and that framing is really, legitimately going to happen this weekend. Keep an eye on my Instagram for sneak peaks via my stories.

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  1. Monica says: Reply

    Good everything turned out well! 🙂

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