A New Baby Boy

The week after we started framing our backyard shed, I delightfully found out I was pregnant with our fifth child. I was already six weeks along when the news was confirmed, leaving me with little time to soak it in before morning sickness kicked in.

I’m already about half way through this pregnancy and have been feeling a lot better since our trip out west (more details on that coming soon). We were able to find out the baby is a boy this past Tuesday and I have been thinking non-stop about boy names ever since. Girl names seem to be no problem for me (I could easily have three girls in a row and already have names for them) but boy names are much more challenging.

baby boy ultrasound

The imaging center I went to for my anatomy scan does not have the capability to print out ultrasound photos. As upsetting as that was (I have one for every pregnancy!), thankfully I have a set from my 11 week ultrasound. I love getting glimpses of who this growing baby is, he moves non-stop and loves to put his hand up next to his forehead. He also managed to stick his tongue out at us at the beginning of the ultrasound and was extremely modest until the very end, almost to the point of not being able to tell whether he was a he.

This news may explain my silence around here lately. Not only have I had no new news to share (besides this, of course), my morning sickness was very debilitating this time around (which was an early hint that this baby was a boy), causing me not to do much of anything for a couple of months. I am extremely thankful that stage is over and am so excited for the nesting stage to arrive.

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