The Beige Bathroom: Before

bathroom before

When finding motivation to get out of my paralysis, the bathroom seemed like a logical starting point. Without a complete renovation, bathrooms can be fairly inexpensive to update. I feel a little confident with this project since I’ve had some experience with bathrooms in the past. As much as we’d love to gut the bathroom and start fresh, it’s not something we’re planning on doing for a while. For now, I’m going to do what I can to make this space more functional and pretty while working with a beige sink and toilet.

 Besides the beige fixtures, this little room has some other problems I need to work out during the updating process. For one, it needs storage – badly. With no medicine cabinet or storage vanity there’s not much space to place the essentials. Thankfully there’s an awkward nook between the shower and the door wall that will make a good spot for shelves. If I’m being honest, the shelves were my main motivation for this project. Another problem spot is the lack of air conditioning and the old aluminum window in the room. This makes the ceiling fan that is installed a necessity to combat the Florida heat, so I’m looking for an adequate replacement. Hopefully finding a fan will be easier than finding a stylish inexpensive mirror, which I’ve been searching for in vain.

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On a brighter note, the room already has a new coat of white paint which is already a huge improvement from the mustard yellow that is in these photos. Painting was the biggest task on my to-do list so I’m glad that is over with. Everything else that I want to accomplish should be pretty simple from here, it’s just a matter of carving out time to get the job done.


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  1. Alexis says: Reply

    You have an amazing eye for design. I’m always impressed with how you capture color, form and design in the pics you take. So I’m betting that your newly remodeled bath will be a success and I’ll enjoy watching the process.

    1. Thank you!

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