Nesting and Waiting

I’m in the last few weeks (or days) of my pregnancy and have been nesting like a mad woman. Our kitchen is still a work in progress and I’ve let go of the expectation that it’ll be done before the baby is born. The most I ask for now is a kitchen sink and am praying this baby will wait until that is installed and plumbed.

Other little nooks in our home are getting some much needed attention, like this corner of the little kids room. I found that guitar at an estate sale nearly a year ago and am eager to tune it and hand it over to the children. The dollhouse is from a consignment shop and although it is so stinking cute, I am debating getting rid of it since it is never played with.

One of these days I hope to update you on all the little projects I’ve been working on, so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, I must get back to running out every last bit of energy before labor hits.

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  1. Yes, you have to let it go and to wait for the happy moment calm 🙂

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