A Few Things for Friday

After three long weeks, I am officially ready to declare our cat free of fleas. I do not like the idea of hopping biting bugs in my home, and gladly went a little overboard by cleaning ALL of our bedding, storing away our duvet covers and throw blankets, and spraying down every last surface (I used this Natural Flea Spray). Fran (that’s our cat) was not at all okay with the weekly baths I gave her and the constant flea combing but is much happier now that I am no longer chasing her off of our bed.

I ordered a pair of drawstring pants, which have quickly become my new favorites. I am tired of wearing maternity jeans and squeezing into my pre-pregnancy jeans (the ones I can actually manage to button) takes just too much effort. This pair from Loft are a super comfortable alternative to the sweatpants I was resorting to.

Our humidifier has been put to good use this week after we all caught a cold, twice. We keep it by Dennis at night and it seems to help him sleep better through his congestion. How I ever survived cold season without a humidifier is beyond me.

My husband introduced me to HQ Trivia and I’m hooked. It’s a live game show that comes on nightly at 9pm and brings me back to the days I’d watch game show TV with my grandparents. If you decide to play, download it here and use my referral code “turningithome” for extra lives. That way, I may actually make it past question seven.

Mother’s Day is this weekend so if you need last minute gift ideas, Amazon prime is your best friend. Need ideas? You can never go wrong with a letter board. Or encourage her to print all of those sweet snapshots of life with children with a mobile printer. Of course, you can always keep it classic with a bouquet of her favorite flowers from Farm Girl Flowers or Trader Joe’s if you didn’t plan ahead. I mean, I have no idea what not planning ahead is like.

Last night, after an afternoon filled with bickering and bad attitudes, I heard giggles coming from the bathroom where I found my girls having a blast brushing their teeth. Those messy, challenging moments make all of the moments in between that much sweeter.

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  1. It’s not easy to be a parent but it gives you so much! Great post. I like your blog

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