DIY Party Hat Decoration Station

Yesterday I shared pictures of Elijah’s birthday party but wanted to dedicate an entire post on the decorate-your-own-party-hat station. I got the idea from Oh Happy Day who you should really go check out.

Party Hat Station
Elijah Party Hat

For supplies I used googly eyes, pretty pipe cleaners, assorted washi tape, pom poms that the kids and I made out of tissue paper, colored pencils, and glue. The party hats were made out of white cardstock paper using this template and braided elastic cord.

Party Hats
Party Hats

Some kids seemed very interested in the whole idea while others could have cared less. I decorated a hat before the party started as an example and I really enjoyed seeing how everybody’s turned out.

Elle Party Hat
Nani Party Hat
Nani Party Hat Smile
Party Hat

As cool as I thought they were, the hats didn’t stay on any heads for too long but that’s to be expected.

Party Hat Station
GG Party Hat
Isabelle Party Hat
Elijah Chicken

Regardless of how long they were worn, I thought the party hat station was a success.

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