February Thrift Store Finds

I’ve been in a thrift store mood lately. I don’t know why or what causes them, the mood just sort of hits and next thing you know I am at the nearest thrift store. I liked sharing my finds during the thrift store challenge so why let the fun stop there? I am not sure if I will be back every month to share my treasures since I am not always in the mood to go hunting, but I will share when there is something to share.
This past month I’ve been to three new thrift stores. New as in I have never shopped there before. There were two that I went to that are only open two days a week during limited times and those are actually becoming some of my favorite places to shop. It seems like they have a better selection since they aren’t open every day but they are also crowded because of that fact.
At one of the two days only thrift stores, I found these spice jars priced at $1 for all. Good thing because I only had a dollar and some change on me.

Thrift Store Herb Jars

I put my three favorite cooking herbs in them; including thyme, basil and oregano. I didn’t label them since both Philip and I can tell what they are by their appearance and smell.

Herbs are actually supposed to be stored in a dark cool place since they will lose their flavor and nutrients when stored in indirect or direct sunlight and near a heat source. I go through these three herbs so quickly, though, that displaying these on the counter shouldn’t affect them.

At the other thrift store that is only open two days a week, I found these sweet nesting Pyrex mixing bowls. They were three dollars each and I actually found them on separate occasions.

Thrift store nesting pyrex

I love using them to make delicious chocolate chip cookies.

orange pyrex bowl

Don’t tell but I actually eat more of the raw dough than the baked cookies.

white and orange floral pyrex bowl

I also found this awesome ice cream scoop buried in their utensil basket that you may have spotted here.

vintage ice cream scoop

Most of these kinds of scoops break after the first use and are no fun. Trust me, I’ve learned from experience but this one works amazingly well. Plus, it was only one dollar.

Eliana also was given a stuffed owl from a man working there. She was hugging it and yelling “owl!” that he said she could have it. I normally don’t accept but he was very¬†persistent¬† This has happened to her once before with a stuffed pig. I gotta say, the girl knows how to get what she wants.
At another new thrift store, I scored this rustic-like sifter…

… and another Pyrex bowl, this time with a bit more wear.

green pyrex

But that’s okay, I accept it as it is. Aren’t I nice? Oh and since it was Valentine’s day, I received 50% off, making my purchase under six doll hairs… err, I mean, dollars.

My last thrifting trip of the month was at my most frequented store, the same one where I found the wooden high chair. This time I found these parfait dishes.

I haven’t used them yet but just know when I do I’ll feel so fancy. Pinkies up, please.

Oh, how about these classic Disney books? I found the Snow White book almost a year ago at this same store but the Hansel and Gretel one is new. Well, old… but new to me, these might be my favorite. Seriously, look at these original prices.

Someone obviously wasn’t too fond of Hansel.

By the way, I snagged them for only fifty-nine cents each. Score!

What have you been finding recently at thrift stores? Do you get in certain get-me-to-a-thrift-store-now moods? Let’s talk about it!

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