Upcycled Cereal Box Notebooks

I always feel guilty throwing away cereal boxes. As I toss the empty cardboard box into the trash I can feel my thrifty bones shiver. Previously, I tried making a magazine file with them, but mine weren’t the right size and I couldn’t get a neat looking cut. I have considered making drawer organizers but I don’t have that kind of patience… maybe next time I’m pregnant and nesting I will accomplish that. Instead, I put cereal boxes to work by making some sweet little notebooks.

diy cereal box notebooks

I found this tutorial from Creme de la Craft and loved the simple homemade look. I had great ambitions of making enough to give as Christmas gifts but ended up only making three.
It was pretty simple; cut out cereal box to size, sew on a button with a long piece of embroidery floss, glue a piece of paper on the inside and sew addition papers folded in half to make the pages, then finish it off with decorative paper. It was helpful to glue the lining piece of paper to the cereal box before cutting it to size.

I also used clothespins to keep the stack of paper together while cutting. I know, I’m a little weird.

I found it difficult to push the needle through the cardboard to make the stitches. I actually used pliers to help me, but that still took a decent amount of time.

Regardless, I love how they turned out. I used that pretty craft paper I found locally a while ago and it makes me happy, but I think my favorite part is the buttons. It was fun coordinating which button and thread went best with each paper design.

diy cereal boxes

I ended up giving them as gifts to my sister, mother and son. Elijah loves writing stories and drawing in notebooks so he put his to good use. Now that I am seeing them again, I may need to make one for myself.
Do you like to upcycle things in your home?

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