Red Pepper Hummus Sandwich

There was once a time when I would make delicious, molded together lunches. Now, most days I just make Philip fend for himself and only make Eliana “bread and butter,” commonly known as a peanut butter sandwich. Well, those days are achanging… starting with the day I reunited with my specialty hummus sandwich.

In high school, I could and most times would eat this sandwich everyday. It was actually a lot of work for a lazy, sleep all day teenager but what can I say? My cravings drive me. I think I stopped making it when one day, after completing the sandwich and doing a quick clean-up, one of our dogs took it upon himself to devour the newly made masterpiece. These days I don’t have a dog to steal my food and my toddler wouldn’t go anywhere near this sandwich.

Do fried eggs, red peppers, hummus, pesto and feta sound like a strange combination to you? Okay, I guess it could be considered a little strange but it doesn’t taste strange, I promise. Oh and don’t worry, I wasn’t sneaking an extra egg into my sandwich, that third egg was for Eliana. But hey, if you want to go for two fried eggs in your sandwich, I won’t stop you.

I will warn you, I don’t have precise measurements for this sandwich because really, who wants to be told to only put two tablespoons of hummus on some bread or only a thin layer of pesto? Not me! I love me a nice slab of pesto, along with a mountain of feta cheese and a flood of hummus. I’m not talking a hurricane flood here, more like a gutter flood.

Red Pepper Hummus Sandwich
makes two sandwiches

4 slices of bread
1 large red pepper, cut into thin strips
pesto, to taste
hummus, to taste
feta cheese, crumbled
2 large eggs, fried over hard

Lightly toast bread, immediately spread an even layer of hummus. Top with red pepper strips and fried egg, cut in half if necessary to make it fit. Top with feta cheese. On another piece of bread, spread an even layer of pesto to taste.

Repeat with other two slices of bread and cut in half to serve.

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  1. ooo. this looks yummy!

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