I Want To Ride My Tricycle

Okay not really, but Eliana wants to ride hers! For Christmas, my dad and step mom sent this awesome Radio Flyer tricycle for the little rascal.

Eliana was, um, unimpressed. Eventually she warmed up to pushing it around the house and ringing its bell but still would refuse to sit on it. Until my dad came to town and asked her if she wanted to ride her tricycle and BINGO. Seriously, Grandparents must have some secret code language to coerce toddlers into doing what they say. Man, I wish I knew the secret code.

Now she begs to ride the tricycle at least once a day. We usually just take a five second trip around the  house, actually, it probably takes .47th of a second to take a trip in the house. So we took it a step further and had fun outside.

I think seeing her brother ride his bicycle encouraged her.

She had a blast and was very into kissing her reflection.

Or maybe just licking the shiny bar? I don’t know… she gets that from her father. Just kidding!

Her little feet still can’t reach the pedals but she doesn’t seem to mind. My back on the other hand does.

Oh and can you tell we got a new camera? God blessed us with enough that Philip surprised me with a Canon T4i. Seriously, I have a hard time putting it down. I will try to not get too picture crazy over here… wait a minute, that is going to be pretty difficult.

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