Style Cure: The Bathroom

If you haven’t heard, Apartment Therapy is having a month long Style Cure to guide you through a room redesign. Last weekend’s assignment was to browse a local shop (or shops) for inspiration, I found my inspiration at Brocante Market. Today is the day to set design eyes on one particular room. I’m choosing our tiny bathroom, which is the only one in our tiny house.

You might remember a couple of months ago I mentioned that we had to move out of our rental home soon. Well, things may be changing. We are in a sort of limbo with our house right now and are working towards buying this home. You know, taking steps like finding a lender, which means actually acquiring credit with a credit card, which entails being approved for a credit card. It is definitely not what I imagined our home of our own would be, but at least it’s a home.

Since we are in limbo, I don’t want to put a lot of money into this place right now. What if we do move out? We are only renters so I won’t see any of the money and effort come back to us like we would if we sold. So that leads me to the bathroom… it’s small so it will be pretty cheap to spruce up if I don’t go overboard. I’m thinking some paint, new shelves, new shower curtain, and maybe some new towels can really go a long way.

Of course if we didn’t mind spending more than we would ever see in return, I wouldn’t mind a complete renovation to bring in some marble subway tile. Something like this, this, or this. But we do mind, so that won’t be in our future near future.

Are you participating in the Style Cure? If so, what room are you planning on tackling this month?

P.S. Check out the bathroom mood board here.

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  1. ida says: Reply

    Sooo exciting to see everyone's homes!!! I can't wait to see the transformation!!

  2. Me neither! Are you going to be redoing a room in your home as well, Ida?

  3. ida says: Reply

    Yes I'm doing our kitchen. And we're also living in a rental so we can't do too much. Some paint but mostly focus on the decorative accessories. Hope you get to buy your home soon, it's not fun living in limbo.. :/ *fingers crossed*

    Here's my before pictures of our horrible kitchen(I seriously shivers every time I look at the pics, I never realized how bad the kitchen is):

    <3 Ida

  4. Thanks, Ida. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your kitchen!

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