North Carolina

If you follow along Instagram, you may have noticed we recently took a trip to North Carolina. This wasn’t quite a “vacation” since we went for my uncle’s funeral, but we still managed to see some sights. Funeral’s, although so sad, have a way of bringing everyone together. My grandmother and grandfather had 11 children – all now with children and grandchildren of their own – so there were many there to mourn together and comfort eachother.

As a kid, we frequently visited Franklin, North Carolina and I’ve always loved the beautiful mountains and rolling hills. Ironically, Philip also visited Franklin as a child. Turns out, my aunt’s brothers were close friends with my husband’s dad. We didn’t know this when we were wed… it’s a long story, trust me, it gets even deeper than that. Going back as an adult only confirmed how much I love North Carolina, as does Philip. Elijah even repeated a few times how much he liked it there. God’s beauty is just so evident in those mountains, I didn’t want to leave.

The 20 hours in the car weren’t horrible. I dare say the car trip actually went pretty well. Isabelle had the hardest time, since she always loves to be held, so the first few hours were tough since she didn’t understand why we were in the car for so long. We survived, though, and made pretty good time with three children and five bladders.

Because I have so many pictures of our two day – more like one and a quarter day – there, I’ll be back another day to tell our tale about our trip to the waterfalls. Until then, here is an insane amount of photos for one post.

North Carolina Trees
North Carolina Tree Canopy
North Carolina Mirror
North Carolina Falls Through Trees
North Carolina Flora
North Carolina Falls and Rock
Fall and Falls
Moss Sprouts
Roadside Mailbox
Moss and Fern
Moss and Dried Leaves
Moss, Fern, and Vine
Yellow Flower Cluster
Downed Tree Moss
Campground Fence
Hillside Isabelle
Eliana Yellow Flowers
Hillside Cottage
Elijah Reading
Isabelle Sleeping Carseat
Hillside Eliana Explains
Tree Top Skyview
Grassy Flowers Sky
Grassy Flowers, Sky, and Mountains
Kids Dancing

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