September Thrift Store Finds

How is it already October? October means my baby girl is going to be one year, which makes my older babies are nearly 10 and 3. This is insane to me, you guys. I’m completely for distracting myself from this fact with some thrift store finds, are you?

October is also the month my cousin is getting married. That is why last month I couldn’t share this fondue pot and forks with you folks since it was her bridal shower gift.

Fondue Pot and Stand
Fondue Forks

I worried it was inappropriate to gift a thrifted object but while she was opening it I mentioned, “It’s from a resale shop.” to which her future mother-in-law stated, “Oh we love thrift stores!” Therefore, I didn’t feel so bad. Turns out it is not inappropriate, in case you are wondering. If in fact I’m wrong and it is rude to gift thrift store items, then I’ll be happy to take on Mrs. Rude-pants as a nickname.

Aren’t these forks awesome?! I won’t disclose how much I bought them for, but I will saw A LOT less than what I’ve seen them for at “vintage markets”. For instance, just last week I saw a set of these being sold for $30.

Fondue Fork Handles

As for the month of September, I found two vintage fitted twin sheets. Aren’t they sweet? They’ll either turn into bunting or a play tent. Indecisive me can’t decide which one yet. Are you surprised? I’m not.

Folded Floral Sheets
Folded Floral Sheets Label

Technically, I didn’t find this baby doll cradle at a thrift store. I actually found it at a local children’s resale shop called Stellie Bellies. A word to any locals, this is by far the best place to buy baby gear and clothes. It is where I found my like brand new Baby K’tan for $25.

Baby Doll Cradle

It wasn’t a steal, I spent $20 on it, which if you know me is like a fortune… but I just couldn’t resist. Plus, I had just acquired $25 from them buying our used baby items so it didn’t feel like I really lost any money. Isn’t that funny how that works?

Eliana and Isabelle love it and Elijah enjoys throwing the baby doll around, don’t worry, he is an excellent, gentle young man with real babies… just don’t trust him with your baby dolls.

Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to sewing some cute bunting and new bed sheets for it but I definitely won’t be refinishing it anytime soon. See all those nooks and crannies from the spindles? Yeah, me too… there is no way I’ll be sanding down or painting all those little buggers. I’ve learned my lesson about little nooks from our highchair.

I should mention I found a toddler slide at for $10. Normally I would have rather paid $5 for it, but Eliana was having a blast on it at the store so I brought it home. Now that it is in our front yard, Eliana wasn’t paid much mind to it, she’d rather dig in the garden. But I have hope for it once Isabelle grows into it and once the weather cools down.

Oh wait, one last thing… on our trip to North Carolina we stopped by a flea market set up in a parking lot. Philip stayed in the car with the kids while I took less than ten minutes to scurry around like an animal hunting for what I would buy. There was so much to see and so many cool things but nothing that I felt I needed to have. So right before leaving, I looked in a tin box full of old matchbooks and saw this Webb’s City matchbook on top.

Webb's City Matchbook Front
Webb's City Matchbook Back

The Webb’s City from Saint Petersburg, Florida sitting there in North Carolina. I couldn’t resist. I payed the nice man a quarter and brought home my only paid souvenir from our trip up north. That concludes one of my favorite stories. What’s one of your favorite thrifting stories? Let’s hear it!

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