Treasures in the Closet

This one time, I found a camera bag in my parent’s dumpster. So like any normal person, I dug it out and brought it home.

Marsand Camera Bag

I’m sure I must have looked inside of the bag before tucking it away in my closet, but I must not have taken note of the treasures that were inside. So the other day when I had an itch to clean out the closet, I rediscovered its contents. Boy oh boy, lookie what I found here.

Exakta Camera Front
Exakta Camera Top

Isn’t it purdy? After talking to my mother, we’re guessing it belonged to my great-grandpa.

Steinheil Munchen Lens Cap

I have absolutely no idea how to take a picture with it. It is the oldest 35mm I’ve ever held in my hand.

Exakta VX Thagee
Camera Film Wind

You see, I have this thing about film cameras. There is such excitement in the anticipation of what a roll of developed film will contain. While I was in high school, this was my camera of choice.

Olympus Camera with Strap

I found it in a thrift store while visiting my mother in Coos Bay, Oregon. For $70 I brought home two camera bodies, three lenses, a camera bag and a strap. One of the bodies was broken, and by leaving the working one in the heat of my trashed car, it eventually stopped working. So I bought a new body for less than $20 off of Ebay shortly after Eliana was born.

It hasn’t gotten much use since, but maybe that will soon change.

Also in the camera bag was this Canon.

Cononet 2B Camera

As well as this light meter contraption…

Brockway Shutter Speed Sensor

The moral of this post? Look into bags that you dig out of dumpsters. Good lesson, right?

Does anybody reading this have any knowledge about Exakta camera’s? Which button do I press!?!

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  1. So cool! I bought an old fujica at a garage sale… it takes the best pictures! I just wish there was an easier way to transfer them to digital.

  2. I agree, scanning just seems so tedious and repetitive. Free film would be nice too. 😉

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