May Thrift Store Finds

Unlike last month, when I didn’t bring much home from the thrift store department, there was a lot I found this month. Some things were more unnecessary than others – I’m looking at you, records with no player – but some things I have had my eye out for for a while. For instance, this globe.

Although we have one, it doesn’t spin, so I excited to spot this functioning globe. It even has some famous explorers are their paths.

My husband actually tagged along with me on Mother’s Day (for the occasion), which is when I found said globe and these vinyl records.

I don’t have a record player but I mean, how could I resist?! Logically speaking, the record hoarding collection should come before the record player, right? It makes total sense.
In a stark contrast from last month, I brought home plenty of books this month. A lot of them I have been looking for, such as The Cat in the Cat, any Shakespeare plays, and a field guide.
Plenty of books for my son to read are always welcomed, as well.
Speaking of collections, can we say that I’ve officially begun a knitted (or crocheted) quilt collection? For no other reason than picnics, of course. The orange and yellow one on top is especially comfortable and goes well with a pint of ice cream, if I do say so myself.
Some other things I came across in May were circle cake pans (finally!), an awesome plastic tote and a citrus juicer.
Finally, probably my favorite find – besides the Rudolf records, quilts, and field guide, of course – was this magazine rack. I almost left without it, but am glad I didn’t. It’s perfect for storing the larger books I come across, like a World Atlas book.
What do you think? Is it a magazine holder or something completely different?

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