Tree Ring Wall Art

My view from where I sit on the couch is a half-empty wall. I installed that shelf when the dresser that was holding my brass lamp lived there. Now, a chair and guitars are in its place.

I stare at that wall a lot, since I sit on the couch nursing my little babe a lot. So I finally became tired of looking at the dull yellow wall and added some color with my painted tree rings. Much better, don’t you think?

To place them, I used the good old fashion trace-and-cut method. They are definitely not spaced perfectly but what can you except when hanging oddly shaped circles?

I had no way of attaching them to the wall, so I drilled a hole the width of a nail head into the tree rings, making sure to not drill all the way through. Then it was as easy as hanging any standard picture frame.

Now my eyes can happily focus on these purdy little guys.

Of course that’s when I’m not gawking over my nursling or catching up with Dora the Explorer. “Where are we going?” “To the insane asylum!!” Who’s with me?

Hey, for more details on how I painted the tree rings, check out this post! Oh, and for the record, I watered my sad little house plant, and it is now looking much happier.

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