That One Time…

…We had an indoor swimming pool. Actually, it was more like a kiddie pool.

construction renovation

You see, in order to build the awning in front of our door (pictured here) the roof needed to be cut open, leaving gaping holes into our home. So when a storm rolled in last night, the water poured in like a waterfall (insert TLC reference).


In the first picture, you can see our existing tile in the bottom left corner of the picture. This is where our old exterior wall used to be, the one with the old front door that led into the porch. The water flooded all the way up to there, and I think it seeped behind just a little bit of the existing drywall.

Before the rain started again, we managed to put up a tarp to cover the holes. Now we’re all just hoping another storm doesn’t pass through before the awning is completed.

Fun stuff, isn’t it?!

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