Whoops This Isn’t The Pie Store

Last weekend some friends and I had lunch at the Oxford Exchange in Tampa. Afterwards, we peaked around at their shop where I discovered my new motto for life. I still need to find that pie store, though.

Another week has passed and we still haven’t moved forward with our kitchen. We decided to push my deadline for Christmas back to after the New Year. After an unnecessary amount of decision anxiety (seriously, it was ridiculous), I finally decided on not having a light over the kitchen sink. The wires have already been run and the switch is already in place, but we’ll have the electrician hook the new switch up to the garbage disposal, which is a much better place than it’s current position.

Choosing a name for our baby boy has been another tough decision, boy names are challenging for me, whereas I have a running list of potential girl names. This article is bringing some serious bible name options to the table. We’re having a hard time choosing between Nimrod and Judas But Not The Bad One.

I’ve been so busy planning for our kitchen, that Christmas shopping has taken a back burner. Some gifts have been easy to pick out, like a set of horses and markers for our artistic, horse loving Isabelle and big, fierce dinosaur with a set of play tools for little Pip (who chooses to cuddle and sleep with his “numbers tape” nightly). Elijah has expressed an interest in learning how to solder so we’re giving him his own soldering kit and some motors to fidget with. Eliana has been a little harder to narrow down. I’ll be making her a bow and arrow but wanted to find her one more special thing. I’m leaning towards this embroidery kit, the squirrel and the fox are both so cute, I’ve even been eyeing this more advanced kit for myself.

We picked out a Christmas tree last Sunday and other than stringing lights around it, we haven’t decorated it. We went with a small tree this year and love it’s petite size. Our cat is a big fan, too.

Are you ready for Christmas yet or do you wait until the last minute? I’d love to have everything prepared in advance one year but that won’t be this year.

Happy weekend!

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