Thursday, November 20, 2014

Seeing Zebras

We are having a small party for our oldest daughter this weekend, so naturally I am in a complete party planning mindset. This is her first "birthday party" and she requested zebra party. She then quickly changed her mind to a purple elephant party but eventually came back around to the zebra theme. So we're going with this. Here's what I have in mind.

I already have a few mylar zebra balloons and giant clear balloons ready to be filled with confetti and will be making the rainbow cake with this food dye. I'm going to keep it simple with Pin the Tail on the Zebra and homemade playdough to keep the little one's entertained.

Do you have any toddler birthday party tips to share?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

October Thrift Store Finds

I found one thrift store item in October which wasn't even from a thrift store. Technically, it doesn't count as a thrift store find but we'll just go with it anyway.

Due to things like pregnancy, exhaustion, and the urge to declutter, I haven't been going to many thrift stores lately. I found this vintage Twister spinner at a garage sale down the street from us. I think I paid 50 cents for it and it now rests on the shelves in the girls' room. Eliana calls in a "clock" and is asking asking to spin the clock.
I'm pretty fond of it. What do you think? You know I have a thing for vintage games. So tell me, have you been finding anything at thrift stores lately?

Friday, November 14, 2014

This Week

November is always a busy (read: crazy) month for us. Our two oldest both have birthday's a week apart and shortly after is Thanksgiving, which means a lot of planning and baking and eating of pies. This is only one of the reason's why I haven't taken the time to write on here this past week. Instead, let's talk about what's been going on is a list format.
  • I've been in the midst of potty training our youngest this week. Thankfully - and unexpectedly - it was much easier than when I potty trained our oldest daughter. Now the majority of accident cleaning is in the past - praise God!
  • A week after my son's birthday is my oldest daughter's. Last year we threw Elijah an ice cream birthday party so it's Eliana's turn this year. She was torn between a purple elephant party and a zebra party. We're going with the latter.
  • We are finally finding some normalcy after the chaos of construction. We still have some baseboards and window sills to touch up and some landscaping to do outside but the major things are completed - yesss!
  • My pregnancy nesting hormones are kicking in and because of the need for order after construction, it's a perfect time to nest. I shared four tips for decluttering at Live Simply, you can read it here.
Next week I should be back with an house update and to share October's thrift store finds. Until then!
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