Friday, October 31, 2014


Lately, little things have been making a huge difference in this renovation process. Things like baseboards, outlets and face plants, a mailbox, and ceiling fans are a nice reminder that we won't live in chaos the rest of our time in this house.
We need two ceiling fans for our living area. One was existing and one is new. We wanted two of the same fans for uniformity. My first choice (that didn't cost an arm and my firstborn child) was this simple white fan on Amazon. Thinking it would arrive in two days (thanks to Prime) I ordered it three days before we needed it. Long story short, the fans were not going to be arriving in two days. I quickly cancelled the item and resorted to plan B: buy locally.

Finding a stylish white ceiling fan under $100 proved to be pretty impossible. I had hesitantly settled on a basic white fan at Lowes. While we were there to pick it up my husband pointed out this fan and I was quickly sold.

Sure, it's not white but it's also not $200. Plus, it has nearly the same shape as my first choice.
We still need to replace our old ceiling fan that hangs over our bed but for now just one installed makes a welcome difference.
Of course, we still need to paint the walls and ceilings but things are moving along inside. Outside is a whole other story in need of some pictures. Stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Coffee: A Love Letter

Dearest Coffee,

As hard as it is for me to say this, I think we need to spend some time apart. You see, I once looked forward to your company every week. I knew exactly what I wanted and you always provided. Sometimes you needed more cream, but it wasn't anything we couldn't work through together. Now, I'm beginning to smell (and taste) things I've always loved before but I now despise. And I have to be honest, I just can't stand it anymore. It's not you, it's me.

Since we're being honest here, I'm just going to throw this out there: there is someone else. I don't know this person's name. Heck, I don't even know their gender yet but I know they are there, and I can't ignore what they are doing to me. You see, this new human is causing me to change my thinking. I simply no longer like you, Coffee. I tried, I really did; but with each sip, I found myself feeling more and more nauseated. You disgusted me, to put it plainly.

Don't worry though, I'm sure we can work things out. Just give me a few months and things will be back to normal. Eventually, I can bring this new love of mine together during my visits. It may be different than what we're used to; there may be tiny hands tugging at your straw or pressing your buttons. But that's how things need to be now and you just need to accept that if you ever want to see me again.

Until then,
Hormonal Pregnant Lady

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dust, Dust, and More Dust

This week has been a little crazy in home renovation land. Last weekend we painted the exterior of the house and removed the carpet in the girls' shared bedroom. Right after getting out of paint mode, we moved on to demolishing our tile floor. I'm not gonna lie, it was a little fun. Since then, the house has been a dust pit. Naturally, everything is lying sprawled out on every surface there is so everything is coated in a layer of dust.

But! But! Our flooring should be completed today. After that, everything that we removed from the bedrooms will be returning and we can all return to some sort of order. After painting the new ceiling and walls, of course. Oh - outlets and outlet covers would help, too.

We were able to celebrate Isabelle's birthday on Wednesday. Since our living room flooring was being installed, I wasn't able to be home all day. So I hijacked my mother-in-law's kitchen and baked a pink frosted cake. We came home later than usual to a fully floored living room, set up our dining room table and had a small celebration. Shortly after that, our living room looked - and still looks - like this.

So on our agenda this weekend is to clean, organize, and clean some more (and then some more). What are your plans for the weekend?
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