Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beeswax Candles

I've always wanted to try my hand at making candles, so when my friend Rebekah pointed out that beeswax candles aid in cleaning the air, I became slightly obsessed. After all, cleaning and I go hand in hand now.
Beeswax Candle
The vintage Jell-O molds I thrifted made the perfect candle container. To save money, I thought I would attempt to make my own candle wicks. That completely failed. If you end up making your own candle, spend the few extra dollars to buy the pre-made candle wicks - you won't regret it.

I posted a full tutorial over on Live Simply. Check it out here.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Cleaning Frenzy

As a kid, I always thought dust bunnies and dust mites were the same; a harmless bundle of dust that collected under furniture. I recently just discovered that dust mites were not dust bunnies and they are not, in fact, necessarily harmless or lifeless. Seriously, I had no idea dust mites were actual real life living creatures.

As you can imagine, I went into a sort of dust panic. Within days I was dusting every surface of my house then promptly cleaning the floors. I spent one afternoon moving every piece of furniture to rid every crevice of any trace of dust. Two days later, the dust was back and the battle began again.

I have to say that I oddly enjoy this level of nesting. I am embracing this shift of focus from organizing to cleaning because, well... if we're being honest, it doesn't happen to this extent as often as it should. Albeit, my husband and children aren't sure what to think of this frantic cleaning lady that has moved in but I'm welcoming her with open arms.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

February Thrift Store Finds

Hey, I made it to a thrift store last month! Can you believe it? I've even been to one this month, but I've been pretty picky with what I'll actually buy. I blame this crazy nesting, clean-all-the-things phase I'm going through.

One thing I didn't hesitate to bring home were these vintage Jell-O molds. I had seen some over a year ago and passed on them, which I've regretted ever since. Needless to say, it didn't take much waffling on my part to get them.
vintage jello molds
At an estate sale, I picked up these nature guide books...
...and this vintage visitors guide. All three of the books had this extreme musty smell that I couldn't handle. I solved that problem by placing them in a plastic bag with a dryer sheet for a solid week. They're out and on a bookshelf now and so far, so good.
I also picked up this bentwood chair from the estate sale, which I was pretty excited about finding. Later, when I began the process of cleaning it, I discovered it was actually in worse shape than I initially thought. It was becoming a bigger project than I was willing to undertake so I'm calling it a loss.
You win some and you lose some, right? What thrift store goodies have you been winning lately?

psst.. Check out more thrift store finds here.

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