Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hanging Produce Basket

Remember the jelly mold I found at the thrift store? Well, I think it's better for holding fruits and vegetables than for forming food.

This DIY is ridiculously easy. All it takes is some paracord, a drill gun, and metal ring and of course, a jelly mold.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The State of Our Living Room

I mentioned in this Instagram post that I had rearranged the living room. We recently upgraded to a king size mattress and needed to reconfigure the living room for it to fit. If our living room/bedroom/dining room was staying the same small size, we probably wouldn't have expanded from a queen bed to a king bed.
Cozy living room
Speaking of upgrading to a king; it's amazing. We've been through sharing a queen bed with a baby - twice - and I can't believe we ever managed without a larger bed. Granted, this picture still depicts the anatomy of our bed. In my defense, I am pregnant and sleep with four pillows each night. It's for the growing baby, okay?!

So the bed is behind our couch, which sits in front of the television. I snapped these pictures in a hurry. My son was reading a book for homeschool on the couch and there were piles of laminate floor samples behind me. Needless to say, don't be fooled by an apparently clean house. In actuality, it was a hot mess.
Bed in Living Room
Speaking of a hot mess... since taking these photos, this happened. Now everything is arranged pretty much the same way but pushed up four feet closer the the couch. We moved the tweed chair into the girls' shared room and had to remove the coat rack and the shelves in the dining room.
Living through construction
The other side of that plastic "wall" is still a work in progress. (See this post for more pictures.) Drywall is going in this weekend and then I presume that it will be textured (like most walls in Florida). After that, we should be in the home stretch. We just need to survive all that drywall dust. Oh yes, and the flooring mess. We'll save that talk for another day, though.

That One Time...

...We had an indoor swimming pool. Actually, it was more like a kiddie pool.
Flooded floor during renovation
You see, in order to build the awning in front of our door (pictured here) the roof needed to be cut open, leaving gaping holes into our home. So when a storm rolled in last night, the water poured in like a waterfall (insert TLC reference).
In the first picture, you can see our existing tile in the bottom left corner of the picture. This is where our old exterior wall used to be, the one with the old front door that led into the porch. The water flooded all the way up to there, and I think it seeped behind just a little bit of the existing drywall.

Before the rain started again, we managed to put up a tarp to cover the holes. Now we're all just hoping another storm doesn't pass through before the awning is completed.

Fun stuff, isn't it?!
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