Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Have I shown you my tree branch curtain rod? No, no I haven’t. I was going to share pictures of it once all the walls were painted, but that day hasn’t come and I am getting awfully impatient. You may have spotted it here, here, here, or here, but only a peek isn’t good enough. So take a closer look…

Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Once when my dad was in town and while Philip was working, we scouted out a local nature park for long enough branches that were already lying on the ground. If it were just me, I would have brought a tape measure to measure each branch exactly but my dad, being in construction for 200 years or something, just eye balled the lengths. Yes dad, I was calling you old.

The reason we were looking for a branch that was already on the ground was because we needed one that was already dead or dying. A live one would be wet and sappy and would have to sit outside to season (or dry out) before sealing it and bringing it inside.

Before I brought this one inside, I chipped off any remaining bark with a flat head screw driver and sanded it with a rotary sander using 100-grit sandpaper. This was over a year ago so I have no pictures to share of the process. My words will have to do.

Tree Branch Curtain Rod

After it was sanded to a texture and look I wanted, I applied three thin coats of spray Polycrylic in a semi-gloss finish to seal it, lightly sanding with 250-grit paper in between coats. Sealing is important to seal in any bugs that may still be inside the holes of the branch.

It is obvious termites had snacked on this branch but it is definitely sturdy and if any termites were living in the branch, they have died from suffocation due to the Polycrylic preventing any oxygen to enter the branch. Brutal, I know.

If you are super worried of termites or any other bugs, I would go as far as wrapping it up in plastic wrap for a couple of weeks before bringing it inside. A little extreme? Maybe.

I purchased the brackets from Lowes (they are actually plant hooks) and spray painted them white. The branch is a near perfect fit (ignore the holes I have yet to patch), although it would be nice if it was just a tad bit longer. The curtains are from IKEA and in some places barely fit but I managed to make it work.

Even though I tell Elijah no nature in the house, something about a little bit of nature inside makes me happy. When I first brought the branch inside Elijah asked why I was allowed to have nature in the house and not him. (I love that about him, he is very inquisitive. Always quick to ask questions.) I then had to explain the difference between a sealed tree branch and piles of acorns hidden underneath beds.

I think he understood the point even though I still find acorns and leaves in inconspicuous places throughout the house. But hey, boys will be boys! At least a collection of acorns isn’t as bad as a collection of removed stitches I kept as a child. I even proudly showed them off to my mother’s friends. I’m pretty sure she threw them away the next day while I was at school. I would have done the same thing, mom.

So what do you think of tree branches incorporated into decor? I first saw (and fell in love with) a tree branch curtain rod over at Olive and Love and now see them used for much more. Did you collect anything out of the ordinary as a kid? Or are your children collecting things that make you cringe?!

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  1. Kelly says: Reply

    Beautiful! Great point about protecting it from bugs. I love the texture and imperfect line. Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  2. Living in the city and has given me few, if any, connections to the natural work. I absolutely adore little hints of the outdoors like this. Next step, mounted deer head… jk!

  3. Thank you, Kelly!

  4. I have actually seen deer heads pulled off pretty well in home decor! :)(

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  6. Now when I go hiking, I feel like I judge every downed branch for it's curtain rod capabilities! Great Job!
    -Laura @

  7. Haha, I do the same! That's completely normal, isn't it? Thank you, Laura!

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